In this article, we will be outlining the several updates we are bringing in the coming days, weeks, and months, as an outline of the short-term goals on our Roadmap. After careful and lengthy considerations on the utility of our $WALT token, we have implemented several things to bring the highest use case and utility for the WALT token. In the process, we have first established the new token assets that we will be releasing in addition to our initial ones, and we have also determined the number of WALT holding, in able to utilize Zero Swap and the higher Tiers of ALGON.

New Token Assets — November 10th, 2020 ETA

First, we will be adding new token assets for Zero Swap and Lending, in which we will be introducing LINK and DAI. We also plan on bringing more token assets in the near future, which would include Polkadot (DOT), Monero (XMR), ZClassic (ZCL), and Ripple (XRP).

WALT Utility Integration — November 25th, 2020 ETA

Secondly, On November 25th, we will integrate the token utility with the following holdings required to unlock the variety of services we will be offering:

a: Algon X3 package needs 100k WALT token to hold

b: Algon X2 package needs 20k WALT tokens to hold

c: Zero Swap feature 20k WALT tokens to hold

We will be integrating the utility of $WALT token into various features on the Walletreum platform, with Algon X3, which is the most profitable and reliable package of Lending, requiring a holding of 100k WALT tokens to utilize its features. This decision was made to increase the utility of the WALT token. Users will similarly need to hold 20k WALT to use the Algon X2 package. However, for the Algon X, users can utilize its functions without holding $WALT tokens.

We are also integrating the utility of WALT token on Zero Swap, where users will need to hold 20k WALT tokens to use the feature. Zero swaps is a highly efficient swapping feature, where you don’t need to pay any fees while cross-chain swapping. The team is fully focused and determined to make it done before November 25th,


The team can change the utility and the holding of the WALT token for specific features at any moment.

Website Rebranding and the ‘Account’ section added — 5th December ETA.

Thirdly, we are rebranding our website to make it more elegant, professional, and even more comfortable to use. We will be adding a ‘Dark’ or night theme to reduce the screen radiation in the night time. We will also be integrating an ‘Account’ section, where users can see all of their details on a single page, after which tracking transactions will be easier and more comfortable.

The following information will be visible and trackable on the ‘Accounts’ section:

  • Customer Info
  • Wallet Balance
  • Referral transactions
  • Deposit History
  • Withdrawal History
  • Zero Swap history
  • Lending
  • Plan details
  • Daily Interest
  • Cancel Lending transactions
  • Safe Credit
  • Repayment Transactions

WALT Farming — December 25th, 2020 ETA

WALT Farming will be available with an ETA of December 25th, as our team works on it continuously to bring it to reality. We will release the complete, full details regarding WALT Farming in the coming month.

iOS and Android App — January 15th, 2021 ETA

On approximately January 15th, we will be launching our Andriod and iOS version of our App. Our team is working parallel on different developments to provide the best products for the Walletreum community. The platform has always meant to be fast, secure, and easy to use, and we want to ensure that our Android and iOS apps will bring precisely this. We will initially introduce deposits, withdrawals, Lending, transaction details, transaction history, and a customer service portal in the Apps. In our second update, we will be releasing and implementing more features. The App will have two different themes, both light, and dark versions, for users to enjoy.

Fiat Gateway Integration — January 25th, 2021 ETA

Furthermore, on January 25th, we will be introducing our Fiat Gateway integration, as our legal team works with full dedication to get a fiat license in Hong Kong, which is expected to be completed before February 5th. Once we get our licenses approved, users will be able to deposit their funds via bank cards, including Visa and Mastercard, and withdraw their funds directly to their bank accounts. To use the fiat gateway, users will have to complete KYC applications on our platform. We are implementing a KYC system as we speak for the fiat gateway; in the initial stages, we will only be accepting USD, HKUSD, EURO, and YEN.

Public API Release — February 5th, 2021 ETA

Finally, with an ETA of February 5th, we will be releasing a complete article for public APIs, in which we will mention the exact information of API’s and their customization. We are also creating a dashboard for using Walletreum Public API’s to gain access to ALGON features. Users will need to pay a fee, and we will also be implementing a utility for WALT for the usage of APIs.

We are continuously working on all aspects of the platform in order to bring our community and customers the highest quality experience and highest returns for everyone in the process. We will continue to update on the progress of all of these newly added features that will be shortly implemented, and we are, as usual, ahead of schedule in the process.

Walletreum Team